To Exit the Comfort Zone, Give Up Your Right to be Right

What You're Looking For is Not In Your Comfort ZoneNope! What you’re looking for is not in your comfort zone.

I’ve learned that new levels of progress don’t reside in your comfort zone.

It seems as though there are life events that escort you to the very entrance, the very door of new experiences.  You then have the opportunity to choose to walk on water or stay on dry land.

What often gets in your way is familiarity and years of pre-programmed thinking.

Ultimately, what you’ll find is that there is no room for what you’ve ‘known’ in the new place.

To go where you’ve never been, you’ll need to put down the things you think you know and be open to taking on the new.

Warning!  Sometimes your mind will get in the way.  Many opportunities are lost and/or delayed because stagnant mind sets get in the way.

There are some who are quite satisfied with the way things have always been and are even threatened by the possibility of the new.  To them, the ‘security’ of the familiar is slipping away.

But perhaps, you are one who genuinely wants to move forward and see what’s on the other side of your comfort zone.

Sure, it may take a little courage to put down the old.  However, if you’re willing, one of the first steps toward courage is giving up your right to be right. Your ‘this is how it should be; this is how I’ve always done it.’

I recall an intern asking me, ‘Why do you listen to people tell you things when you already know the answers?’ 

My reply was, ‘because I used to be a know-it-all, but I’ve learned that if I listen (even if I already know the answer), maybe I can learn something new.’

To get out of your comfort zone . . . to get on you way to something new . . . can you give up your right to be right?

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