The Journey

To Exit the Comfort Zone, Give Up Your Right to be Right

What You're Looking For is Not In Your Comfort ZoneNope! What you’re looking for is not in your comfort zone.

I’ve learned that new levels of progress don’t reside in your comfort zone.

It seems as though there are life events that escort you to the very entrance, the very door of new experiences.  You then have the opportunity to choose to walk on water or stay on dry land.

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A Salute to The People’s Champion

Muhammad AliI can remember my classmates coming to school imitating Muhammad Ali’s words and gestures – it brought a smile to my face.

I giggle every time I see his interviews from back in the day.

At 22 years old, he said:

I’m the greatest fighter that ever lived;

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The Prince Standard

princeA few reflections.  I had friends back in the day who absolutely LOVED Prince; they had purple everything.

They saw him in a club and mentioned how short he was – no love lost of course.

But, the funniest thing is that my 22-year daughter recently told me that she thought it was a woman singing “I Wanna Be Your Lover” . . . until she saw the video.  Bit of a generation gap 🙂

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