The Journey

Contend for Rest

Oh, so many distractions! Flooded email inboxes, an overflow of media coverage, incessant commercials, non-stop social media conversations . . .

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After the Cameras . . . is there healing?

After the protests, after the commentators have had their say and the cameras have stopped rolling . . . now what?

It’s great to bring awareness to an issue. However, there is still a woman (or a man) who is not just a media find, but a real person underneath it all.

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#Selfcare – 10,000 Steps

A couple of years ago, I began to notice a lot of the friends around my age putting on weight.  Actually, I didn’t notice I was included until I had trouble getting into my clothes, and then I saw a picture of myself! UUUUUggh!

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Getting Rid of Collections & Increasing Your Credit Score


Collections. I’ve heard over the years that when you have accounts that have gone to collections you can negotiate and potentially settle the accounts for less than the amount.

Well, recently in working on a family project the running of our credit was required. In doing so, a couple of small collection accounts surfaced – four altogether. Continue reading

#SelfCare – What is Your Hair Saying?

It took me awhile, but I’ve learned the importance of taking care of me and, I found that I LOVE being pampered!

Most of us have come to the realization that we need take to time for ourselves and have adopted some type of self care or pampering routine — including downtime, body care, hair care, skincare, mental and emotional care, exercise and diet.

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Journey from Low Self-Esteem

Woman Having Metal Chain Around NeckThere is always so much going on, and if we’re not careful our esteem can take a hit – whether it’s the media, naysayers, self-sabotage or unhealthy relationships. What do you believe about yourself? Have you allowed someone to tell you who you are and who you are not? Continue reading

Stress & the Stoic

Release StressMy normal personality is cool, calm, collected – nothing really gets to me.

Well, in a recent doctor’s visit, I found out this is not always good.

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Appreciating Your Professional Circle

Professional CircleMany of you probably have professionals assisting you in accomplishing various tasks – whether it’s legal, real estate, accounting, insurance – personal or business. It’s great to have people who are experts in their field as a part of your life team.

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Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

img_0033Have you taken time to have fun lately?

Personally, I’m in serious mode a lot.  And right now, school is taking a lot of my time. But I’ve decided it’s important to make sure I continue to have time to relax — to make sure I’m not unduly stressed.

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