Stress & the Stoic

Release StressMy normal personality is cool, calm, collected – nothing really gets to me.

Well, in a recent doctor’s visit, I found out this is not always good.

I went in to see the doctor because I had been having some strange stomach issues and after talking about the symptoms and examining me, he told me it was from internalizing stress.  Stress?  But, I’m never stressed!  The doctor called me stoic.

So when he left the room I thought about where the source of the stress could be coming from.  It caused me to look at sequence of events that had occurred.

Businessman moving offices packing up all his personal belongings and files into a brown cardboard box

Here’s what I came up with . . . At the company I work for, the axe had been looming.  There had been various budget meetings and meetings to justify jobs and responsibilities.  Finally, the day came and there were several people let go, including a co-worker on my team.  It was emotionally draining and I actually was not my calm self that day.  I was deeply saddened by the mass exodus and the matter-of-fact way in which it was done.  For most, there was no forewarning, and it wasn’t very private.  They went into HR and came back out and started packing up their desks.

Well, after getting through a couple a rounds of pink slips, there was the work that the separated workers performed – it still needed to be done.

I was given extra work and hadn’t quite successfully integrated it into my normal work flow and really had not created an outlet for the mounting stress.  Well, I didn’t think I was stressed . . . because I’m never stressed.

So, I learned from my visit to the doctor, underneath my cool exterior, stress could be festering.

The doctor prescribed exercise as a good way to release stress.

I also realized I hadn’t really set aside time for quiet time recently.

Overall, I’ll need to be a lot more attentive to self-care and keeping my life in balance.  I guess the mani / pedi pampering is not enough.

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