Perfection . . . the Taskmaster

Sexy Dominant Woman In Hat And Whip Showing No TalkHave you ever tried to live a perfect life – having to have everything just so . . . work, business, and life.  Yeah, I know that life; it’s quite laborious.

The problem with perfection is that it inhibits;

  • causes you not to explore;

  • causes you not move forward;

  • causes you to over-analyze; and

  • sets up an unfounded standard of symmetry.

When perfection is in charge, it takes you forever to get everything done – having to have every “I” dotted and every “T” crossed before you can move forward.

It forces you to live up to an unrealistic image . . . you can’t breathe when perfection is in charge.

I found when I dropped perfection or perfection let go of me, I felt light and I was able to be transparent. (This was another part of my healing — see God’s Whispers.)

It afforded me a new relationship with my daughters because now I was a real person that they could related to and share with — no longer was I one to look over my virtual glasses in judgment – what a turnaround!

little colorFrom the largest to the smallest detail, letting go of perfection makes a difference.  With perfection, I would never have been able to have my nails done this way – because the ‘confetti’ is out of place – it’s not the same as the other nails.

But, you know what, I laughed and laughed and laughed throughout the week as I looked at the nails that weren’t the same.  Having something different was fun, but would normally have been out of place for me.  I was glad to see how far I had come – in even a small thing like nails – the color is a whole different story for another time.

Guess what? Perfection still tries to rear its head.  If it had won, I wouldn’t have posted the nail pic because my hands are not lotioned!

Decide today “I won’t bow another day to Perfection.”  Perfection, you’re fired!

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  1. So true, I’m in recovery.

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