Get Rid of the Holes . . . Void the Voids

Being a “yes” woman, repeated unhealthy relationships, workaholic tendencies . . .   These can be hardly noticeable patterns, and most times they develop because there’s something missing – a void.  However, the solution is almost never external.

If you’re just living life as usual, you’ll probably overlook these patterns, but people on the outside can easily see the destructive behavior.  Since you’re in it, it may be harder for you to identify or own up to it.

However, if you take a moment to examine yourself and your life, perhaps you can see an area that isn’t lining up or that you are dissatisfied with, you can then begin to look for and deal with the root cause.

Besides the obvious, the reason it’s important to deal with voids that trigger vicious circles, is because what you do or don’t do affects more than just you.  While you’re caught up, those who are connected to you and depend on your stability are left vulnerable because your attention is averted.

Everyone has different ways of dealing with things.  Personally, quiet time and God’s whispers help me in my life and personal development.

Void the voids  – get rid of the holes. I guess the thing to remember is that situations will present themselves over and over until you pass the test.  At the very least, look at some instances where you could have made better decisions.  If you get a chance to go a different way the next time they present themselves, be vigilant in making a different choice.  If the situation is somewhat permanent and will not present itself again, take away a lesson learned; heal from it, and then, if you’re able, share your experience to help someone else.

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