Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

img_0033Have you taken time to have fun lately?

Personally, I’m in serious mode a lot.  And right now, school is taking a lot of my time. But I’ve decided it’s important to make sure I continue to have time to relax — to make sure I’m not unduly stressed.

I seem to gravitate to water — it’s peaceful and calming. So my fun looks like hanging out by the water, taking in the sights.

Now, my daughter . . . different story.  She was telling me about a party she and her friend went to; she said they danced and had a lot of fun. . .  I said, ‘oh,  you guys danced?’  She says ‘Yeah, Mom you got a turn up some time!’  I just chuckled.  She works hard and treats her herself – it’s a good thing.

I guess I’ve always been a little mild, so you probably won’t see me dancing at a party – at least not too often.  I had fun dancing at my sister’s wedding though.

My other daughter is different type of adventurous – you might find her traveling, or on the outskirts of bay at the Russian River kayaking.

Girls Day for me and my daughters is coming up soon.  On one of our days we went to Kingston 11 in downtown Oakland for Jamaican cuisine – really great spot – food, atmosphere, staff . . . superb!

The next time my daughter came over and made me this delicious dessert.

I’m not one to be in the kitchen much. But, amazingly my daughters seem to excel in the kitchen.  I think on our next girls’ day we’re doing chicken from Chrissy & John Legend’s cookbook.

At any rate, I’m just dropping you a message to take time for yourself; take time for family.

Don’t let your life be all work and no play.  Whatever fun looks like to you – get out and enjoy!

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