Contend for Rest

Oh, so many distractions! Flooded email inboxes, an overflow of media coverage, incessant commercials, non-stop social media conversations . . .

Every waking moment . . .

  • Megan Markle’s ‘estranged’ family has a need to be in media coverage;

  • the media has a need to report on Kate and Megan;

  • the President has a need to tweet and people feel they need to respond;

  • the media has a need to over analyze . . .

Hurried and harried living . . . fear, anxiety, unrest

. . .  it’s up to us to stop it — even if you can only accomplish the task for yourself.

What would it look like if we took the opportunity to live from a place of rest?

  • Start the day with some quiet time, reflection, affirmations

  • As you go throughout the day, avoid the urge to click on the moving ads in the margin when the task at hand is something totally different

  • Skip the YouTube Ad that is interrupting the focus and actual reason you’re on YouTube

  • Avoid the urge to spend hours of nonsensical time on Social Media

  • Unsubscribe to clutter in your mailbox

  • Know that it’s okay to have the television off and phone on silent

  • Know that it’s okay to guard your mind, your spirit and emotions from a barrage of external information.  You be the filter against infiltration.

  • Type A personalities and extroverts this is for you too.

Distraction-free living? At least a life of less distractions.

So, it’s not rest as in R&R (rest and relaxation), but it’s living and making decisions from a ‘state’ of rest.

Make it a lifestyle . . . your life deserves it.

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