Book Summary

God’s Whispers™ – The Book Summary

In a world, where solace is becoming extinct, it’s time to flip the script.

Everything around us is so loud . . .  media, politics, religion, protests.  Everyone has something to say — even the mini tv is talking to you while you’re pumping gas . . . can I just get some gas?!

Rather than falling prey to rhetoric, fear, and anxiety, why not create the world you want . . . whether it’s

  • A little peace and quiet,

  • Solutions to life’s dilemmas,

  • Answers to pressing questions, or

  • The ability to hear yourself think.

In God’s Whispers™, men and women from around the world—share how they tap into uncommon wisdom for calm, comfort, and answers to the simple and the seemingly complex — experiences from the home front to the board room and the affects in their business and professional lives.

God’s Whispers™ shares a way to grab some peace – for you personally, for family, work, business, and overall sanity.


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