I’m grateful for all that I’m learning in this journey called life.

My experiences have stretched me so that there is no more comfort zone.

. . . and because I’ve been afforded new levels of freedom, I’m able to share Color Outside the Lines.

I genuinely believe that to get to where we need to be we have to decide that we will not be anyone’s clone; we will not be anyone’s puppet; and we will not be our own worst enemy. I can boldly say so because I came through all those things.

My lines were:

  • low self-esteem,

  • needing to be needed,

  • completely loosing who I am,

  • trying to fill the voids,

  • trying to fit.

I’m happy to report that I’ve come to myself and all of those things have lost their grip. I was especially elated to find that I don’t need to fit, and laugh at the fact that I even tried!

I’ve also learned that there needs to be a balance – spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Whereas, most of my life I’ve had an analytical mind with a high emphasis on intellect and academics.  I’ve even been really stubborn and somewhat of a perfectionist.

While those things have their place, balance makes for a more fulfilled life.

So, I don’t mind disconnecting every now and then from the busyness of noise and social media to make sure I keep a balance.

Just so you know, as I ‘came to myself,’ my life did a 180. New, brighter perspectives; I’m totally enjoying the ‘new’ me.

So, with much gratitude, I am happy to present Color Outside the Lines to you. It’s here to remind you of your importance and to be the GPS from self-imposed lines and opinions of others as you journey to the best, colorful you.

Let’s take the journey together!


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