About the Founder

Latifah has two major passions — both on very different ends of the spectrum:

  • She loves to encourage women to be well and do well because of her own personal transformation and

  • She loves administration . . . for things to be organized and in order. It’s exciting for her to take something from its raw state and bring it to a polished finish.

She has blended the two and has taken a wholistic approach — sharing encouragement and life lessons and offering business help to business owners.

She’s always had a knack for business and administration.

She uses over 30 years experience to support small business owners, corporate executives, and non profits; she has served in a variety of industries, including real estate, mortgage, law, and benefits consulting. Delivering virtual administration services, corporate governance, video services, event management, brand and web site development.

Business owner or not, she believes it’s important to be well-rounded and to have all areas of your life supported. She believes having a clear head space is optimal for successful living and to be able live from a place of peace is essential.

Historically, for women, she’s hosted empowerment video broadcasts and promoted and showcased women and women’s issues. She’s provided timely solutions for life and business via vlogs, blog posts, radio, digital publications, offline events, and social media platforms.

She’s hosted GIRL TALK quarterly— an opportunity for women to come together, leave the busyness of life for a little while, to get to know each other and build relationship and community.



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