A Salute to The People’s Champion

Muhammad AliI can remember my classmates coming to school imitating Muhammad Ali’s words and gestures – it brought a smile to my face.

I giggle every time I see his interviews from back in the day.

At 22 years old, he said:

I’m the greatest fighter that ever lived;

  • I am the king of the world;

  • I’m pretty;

  • I’m a bad man;

  • I shook up the world;

  • I am the greatest;

  • I can’t be beat;

Talk about self-talk!  OMG!

We can learn a lot from Muhammad Ali – in and outside the ring.

Besides being the heavyweight champion of the world, I would say he was a man of principal.

I don’t know that many people with his platform have stood up to the government when it comes to war.  The war was against his belief, so he didn’t go and he paid for it.  He was arrested; fined, stripped of his titles; and wasn’t allowed to box in the peak of his career.

Eventually, the supreme court overturned his conviction of draft evasion and he was able to return to the boxing ring.  But the mere fact that he had the guts to speak up. Boy, what standards!  He didn’t seem to be one to keep his opinions to himself and this very public situation was no different.

Muhammad Ali TorchLater, even after being diagnosed with Parkinsons disease, he chose to live.  He still participated in life. I recall him lighting the torch at the Olympics – it was a special moment.  Because even though his body was shaking, he still had the braveness to take on the task and complete it.

What else can you say?

We salute Muhammad Ali — The People’s Champion, the Greatest of All Time.  Take a listen to the short video below.

What are you saying about yourself?  What task will you complete despite the odds?

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